AutoADS - All Day Penis Stretcher
The most advanced All Day Stretcher on the market featuring descreet design and comfortable silicone rods





AutoADS !

This is the only prouduct still for sale from our original lineup. While all the other products were either discontinued or morphed into something else, nothing further needed to be done with this simple device.

The idea is simple - Use a soft silicone outer layer and pliable aluminum skeleton to holds your penis. No complicated setup, just wrap it and stretch. As you can see from the picture, there's nothing complicated about this device.

AutoADS - Versatile All day Penis Stretcher

The AutoADS is an light forced penis stretcher, designed to be worned under clothing.

The AutoADS is designed to be used standing, sitting, laying down, upside down or whatever position. Unlike weight based ADS system (where weight becomes useless in sitting situation), the stretching force is alway present.

The product is also easy to use - simply wrap the head unit, wrap the strap on your leg and tie the string between.

Since there isn't anything difficult about this product - here is the unit in action.

As you could see, it doesn't add too much bulk to your existing size - a problem with weight based system (which is why we discontinued our own weight based system).

Please note that little balls at the end of each bar will not be there for production model. Turns out that little balls do add little bulk - I'm eliminating it to make it small as possible


Uncut users - this device is not uncut friendly (pretty much all noose/clamp type device isn't uncut friendly).

When you are walking, because of the movement, the stretcher will actually pull your unit back and forth - nice feeling.

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