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The most advanced extender on the market featuring safe and easy to use head clamp, soft silicone cushion, and ergonomically designed comfort base..

Notice: The model you see below is no longer for sale. We are in the midst of redesigning this model (5th Gen) to include much more function/comfort/safety. The new model will be re-leased after the new year and will be quite different than the 4th generation model shown below. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patient.




Completely redesigned - 4th generation AutoEXT Penis Extender!

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Here is the newly redesigned AutoEXT penis extender, now in its fourth generation!

The AutoEXT is a patented "forced pressure" penis stretching device that is far superior to other penis stretching devices.

Made of high-grade ABS plastic and stainless steel, this penis extender consists of a main clamp, adjustment rods, a knurled tuner, hex key, and a base ring

Highlights include:

  1. Thicker silicone
  2. Protruding middle that mimics the finger grab (overhand OK manual stretch grip)
  3. Front contour that protects the Head
  4. Adjustable hinge for more custom fit
  5. More durable - It's now thicker and stronger
  6. New clamp size

The main clamp of the penis stretcher device is designed to grip the side of the penis and does not put pressure on the sensitive nerves near the top side
of the penis.

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The base is now larger and more anatomically designed.

The base ring of this penis stretcher device has no sharp edges and is designed to comfortably rest on your pubic area. The penis stretcher base has a wide diameter to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes of different types of men.

Also the AutoEXT has a base that is wider and longer than our competitor's version.

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Here is a close up of the new AutoEXT base. Notice how the bottom of the base is curved upwards, this is to allow space near the scrotum for maximum comfortability while wearing the device.

As the AutoEXT is stretching your penis this space is essential as skin near the scrotum will also stretch (or move) which must be done for penis enlargement gains to be made.

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Here is a look from the back of the base. The inner diameter is larger than other competing models which should make penis enlargement gains come quicker and easier while also giving the AutoEXT user a nice wearing comfort so it can be worn for long periods at a time.


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The bottom is also contoured for a more anatomical fit, making wearing the AutoEXT a more comfortable expierence.

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This picture here shows the base dowel of the AutoEXT. This is one of the most important features of the AutoEXT as it allows the AutoEXT user to stretch his penis at any angle (any point between a 180 degree arc) and lock it in place.

Stretching a penis at different angles places stress on different tissues of the penis allowing the user of the AutoEXT to target certain tissues (tunica, skin, ligaments, nerves, veins, arterties, septum, etc) that make up the anatomy of the penis better for quicker length and possibly girth gains.

Another benefit to this easy to adjust dowel component of the AutoEXT is the device worn and concealed easier when worn with pants or shorts for everday life.

Note: The base dowel is locked in place with a hex key that is included with the AutoEXT device when bought.

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Here is the hex key previously mentiond in action...

Notice the rubber band on the head clamp. There are no complicated nuts and screws to play with, making adjustment for the AutoEXT a breeze!

One other important aspect of our AutoEXT design is that the head clamp will put lateral pressure on the sides of the penis shaft. People who have been doing Penis Enlargement for a while now know this is very important that the pressure exerted from a penis stretching or hanging device should be exerted along the sides to protect the penis from injury and allow good blood flow while wearing a PE device. This concept is very important because there are many delicate nerves which run along near the (dorsal) top side of your penis. You want to wear a device like the AutoEXT which can be worn safefully for long periods of time and protect you and your penis from injury.

You should avoid any PE products that use a noose or strap to secure your penis, as the PE community and experts have learned over time that this will do the bad thing of putting pressure on those sensitive nerve areas near the top of your penis which we explained above.

A PE device like that (using a noose or strap) could potentially cause decreased penile sensitivity, numbness, or impotence if heavy penile nerve damage were to occur from poor design.

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The AutoEXT package includes everything you will need to get started enlarging your penis. There are three sets of rods included in the package -- 5", 6" and 7" (which is equivalent to 7", 8" and 9")

A longer rod is also available (if you are that big) Just give us a buzz and we will make one especially suited for you personally (with purchase only please).

Please note that this device is for home use only. We believe that extenders are too ridgid to be worrned under clothing.


We truly believe that the AutoEXT is one of the best designed penis extenders out there currently on the market. We already have lots of customers that claim that our extender has helped them increase the length of thier penises successfully in a good amount of time. The penis elargement gains you make with our AutoEXT penis extender device are permanent, so you should not worry about losing what you've gained with the AutoEXT.

The AutoEXT is the only penis extender device currently that will allow for max penis stretching pressure at 5-8 pounds of pressure. This may result in quicker gains if one uses the device correctly. Compared with other penis extenders out there, there simply is NO comparison.

We highly recommend that you along with the AutoEXT use the AutoADS to supplement your AutoEXT stretching session for the quickest gains possible!





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