Constriction Sleeve Instruction:

The head of the penis is an extremely difficult organ to control when vacuum force is applied. The constriction sleeve instruction listed here should only be used as a guide and not as a definitive how to guide. Everyone is different and you’ll have to experiment in order to find the ideal condition to minimize the fluid buildup.

In addition, while constriction sleeve is designed to minimize the fluid buildup, you still have to use some common sense in order to avoid extreme condition. Take it slow and don’t over do it in the beginning. It will take about 4-8 weeks to condition your penis for longer wear time.

Fluid buildup and cylinder/constriction sleeve relationship:

Fluid buildup occurs when too much weight or wear time is applied, causing buildup of lymph fluid in sensitive areas of the head – specifically, the tip of the head area. When used without the constriction sleeve, the VacExtender cylinder does provide some fluid buildup protection (redesigned version). However, because of the size (too small, which is great for stealth characteristic, but not for fluid buildup) and where it’s applied (the head); it can only do so much. The constriction sleeve was designed to further protect the head from fluid buildup.

As mentioned, the re-designed VacExtender cylinder have several features to minimize the fluid buildup – including, slightly longer cylinder (cover more head), a completely new cylinder (in addition to smaller version), vacuum release hole (to control the pressure level) and flat top inside wall (push the tip against this wall). The constriction sleeve on the other hand has only one feature – to squish the tip of the penis (where it’s most sensitive to vacuuming). Simply, the tip has to be squished – with the constriction sleeve and against the top wall to effectively minimize the fluid buildup.

When to use Constriction sleeve:

Based on past history, majority of users do not experience major fluid buildup. However, there are small percentages of users who are very sensitive to vacuuming – causing major fluid buildup or in worst cases, water blister. Use the following list for rough guideline,

1)      If you are going to use the VacExtender as a hanger.

2)      If you are very sensitive to vacuuming.

3)      If you are going to wear the device for longer duration.

Again, you’ll need to go very slow in the beginning to find out if you are one of those people who are very sensitive to vacuuming. If you are – you’ll need to check the condition every 5-10 minutes. Use only light pressure (ADS setup is the best). Even if you are very sensitive to vacuuming, you could still use the device, it just will take longer to condition your penis.

Now for the Instruction,


These are the new Constriction Sleeve for VacExtender (and modified VacExtender/Vacu-hanger).

Compared to previous constriction for Vacu-hanger, it is softer, stickier, thinner and rounded on top.


I couldn't find a dildo small enough to represent a flaccid penis - so I made my own. The head has a 4.8" girth at the widest point and 4.3" shaft. One thing to remember - this is a hard dildo - penis have a soft and pliable characteristic (squish, bend, etc). So, this dildo is actually larger than its measurement would suggest.

The head area is divided in several sections. The tip of the head (most sensitive), body of the head (most of the force is place on this area), line 1 (slightly before the edge), edge line, followed by the start of the shaft.


When you open the package, the constriction sleeve will be too long for most people. To custom fit the constriction for your penis, follow the instruction carefully - you only have 1 constriction sleeve (compared to multiple sealing sleeves).


First - roll the sleeve.


Continue rolling until its flipped inside out. Hold the sleeve with couple of finger - I find it easy to put one of the finger in the middle.


Once rolled - place the constriction sleeve on the tip.

Press the sleeve hard against the tip (and I mean hard) - making sure that there are no space/air between the two.


Unroll the sleeve - making sure that there is no air being trapped inside the sleeve. At this point, you are just unrolling the sleeve - don't stretch the sleeve - just let it unroll.


As you can see - the sleeve is over the head and down to shaft.

This is too long for Vac-Extender.

For Vacu-hanger users - because of the longer cylinder, this is about right.


In order to custom fit the sleeve - you'll need to mark 2 spots. The edge and line 1.



Once marked, cut the sleeve at edge mark.


This is a 2 step process - the reason you want to cut at edge mark is to avoid mistake. Continue with the instruction - if it’s too long, you could cut more - if you cut it too short, you can't add back the length.

penis wrap stretching

Re-roll the sleeve and put it on your penis as described in previous section.


For this picture - the sleeve was cut at line 1 mark.

penis traction device

This is very important part.


Using light stretching method, pull the sleeve down. What you should be focused on is not to squish the entire head - rather, you are concentrating on squishing the tip of the head. Pull fairly hard to "push-in" the tip.


This is why I've used a softer silicone - so that it doesn't hurt at all. You may feel some pressure, but the silicone is very pliable while being soft.

altenative penis enlargement

This is the sleeve that was stretched. After being stretched, the silicone will hold the shape and not shrink back.


The stickiness is important to this - make sure you wash the sleeve with soap and water after each use.

AutoADS strap

Now you're ready to use the VacExtender!

But, its not over - when inserting, you'll need really push the head in - squishing the head against the flat wall. Its bit tough with flaccid penis, but not that difficult. What you are trying to do is fully fill the cylinder.

Again, experiment and you'll get good within a day.


This is the completed setup.

There are more steps to putting the cylinder on, but that is covered on VacExtender Instruction page.

Good luck and enjoy the ride!






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