Do you have a curved penis?

Peyronie's disease is a tissue disorder, which affects between 1-4% of all men. In some cases, it can lead to severe curvature in the penis - something that can cause discomfort, affect sexual performance and lower self-esteem.

For 14 years, the Jes or KR Extender has been recognised as a medically proven solution to Peyronie's disease. Clinical tests, performed by independent doctors, have in fact shown the device to be incredibly effective in straightening the penis. While there are a number of techniques on the market to correct Peyronie's disease, using the Jes or KR Extender is the only one that will straighten your penis and increase your size at the same time.

Peyronie's disease - the background
Peyronie's disease has no known cause, but it is characterized by a plaque or hard knot which is formed in the penis. Peyronie's disease is often quite mild, but it can also be severe. At times, symptoms can develop incredibly quickly - but some men develop a curvature over a number of years. The sexual problems that arise due to this condition, can, in some cases, cause a couple's physical and emotional relationship to break down and greatly damage the man's confidence. However, a smaller number of patients with mild Peyronie's disease see the inflamation disappear by itself, without ever experiencing the severe pain or anxiety that affects some.

How does the Jes or KR Extender correct Peyronie's disease?
When you wear the Jes or KR Extender penis enlargement product, your penis is subjected to constant physical traction. This traction leads to an increase in both the length and girth of your penis - but it also has the effect of straightening out the curve. Inevitably, in fact, the curved part of the penis is subjected to the greatest influence from the traction - and the natural consequence of giving you the straightness you crave.

Clinical trials
As well as being a proven penis enlargement product, the Jes or KR Extender has been proven to be a more successful treatment of Peyronie's disease than many surgical alternatives. The following test results refer to a clinical trial carried out by Doctor J. Ruiz-Romero and Doctor J. Ponce de Leon Roca, of Barcelona, Spain:

Jes-Extender will correct Pyronie's Disease, straighten the penis


Pyronie's Disease - use the Jes-Extender


Scientific proof that Jes-Extender makes your penis bigger

Penile Measurement

Scientific proof that Jes-Extender makes your penis bigger


Criteria of Subjective Diagnostic Penile Measurement
Jes-Extender fixes Pyronie's Disease


Before treatment
Painful stage = 2
Painless stage = 6
After treatment
The 2 patients that were under painful stage of Peyronie' Disease, referred penile pain resolution after 2 - 3 months of treatment.

Penile Length:

Before treatment
Subjective Penile Shortening = 8
Shortening sensation varied from 2 cm. to 5 cm.
After treatment
Initial length Recuperation = 1
Lengthening of > 2 cm. = 4
Lengthening of < 2 cm. = 3
Without modification = 0
Shortening = 0

Peyronies disease treatment

All patients were treated with continuous traction using The Jes or KR Extender, adjusting it with a force of traction between 1.200g. and 1.500g.

The amount of time (total of daily hours of use) varied:
5 patients used it between 6 and 9 hours a day.
3 patients used it between 9 and 12 hours a day.



Average = 16,8 weeks (Range:8-24 weeks)
Force of traction = 1.200 - 1.500 g.
Use of The Jes or KR Extender:
< 6 hours/day = 0
6 - 9 hours/day = 5
9 - 12 hours/day = 3



Continuous traction with The Jes or KR Extender seems to be an adequate therapeutic option to treat Peyronie's disease, because it leads to:

- A decrease in penile incurvation
- A decrease in the size and consistency of fibrous plaques
- The recovery of penile length

It is logical to think that traction force supplied by The Jes or KR Extender compensates and minimizes fibrous plaque retraction force.

As you can see from the results above, a curved penis can be corrected using the Jes or KR Extender penis enlargement device. If you still have any doubts please ask and we will forward medical information to your doctor.

Please consult with your doctor or urologist before starting the treatment with the Jes or KR Extender.





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