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Introducing Penomet, water base penis pump enlargement device that has evolved to offer consumers exactly what they want; this has resulted in the creation of an unrivaled hydro penis pump that literally leaves Bathmate Hydromax & every other competitor device in the shadows!

Penomet offers a highly effective water assisted pump with a difference a unique and innovative interchangeable Gaiter System that allows you to gradually, safely and comfortably increase the pressure used to enlarge your member.

VERSATILE - Penomet can be used in the shower, bath or as a conversional penis pump. The Penomet delivers maximum presser level with the unique and innovative interchangeable Gaiter System.
QUALITY - The Penomet is made from high quality polycarbonate plastics. This is the strangest and toughest plastic ever made it is virtually unbreakable. Our gaiters are made from medical grade silicon and are backed with a lifetime warranty.
DESIGN - Each Penomet has a 360? pressure release value that makes adjusting and removing pressure easy and efficient.  As for the cylinder it has two different measuring tool imprinted into the polycarbonate plastic (one side in inches and the other in centimeters). While each pump has a detachable medical grade silicon Gaiter that are interchangeable to different weights.


What Monkeybar says - I believe this is an excellent complimentary product to be used in conjunction with other product. I feel that having a warm water to loosen up the ligaments in the morning or night is good way to start (without getting too sensitive).

I've decided to carry this product after getting many requests and to save in combined shipping. We carry Penomet standard (comes with 1 gater) or Extra (comes with 3 gater). The premium to me is not worth it for the price.

As for pricing, the Penomet company have dictated the retail price (is that price fixing?) so I can't do much about the price. However I can make a package deal where I could make price much more attractive. So look for package deal on the order page (individual price is fixed so its same everywhere). MB


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