New Universal Harness - Around the neck, Shoulder, Waist or any place you could hook, loop or tie an elastic cord/hook !!!

Please note - A basic Universal Harness Kit is included in AutoADS, VacADS, VacExtender and Certain AutoXleeve model.
The Basic Harness Kit DOES NOT include foam cushion for added support. We don't think you need the extra cushion, but
some will prefer extra padding (around the neck, shoulder area) - so make sure you add that as an extra item on the order page.

The new foam cushion will come in 3 ft length. You only need 1 1/2" to cover the neck/shoulder but you have enough so you could
determine your own preference.

A Basic Harness Kit is included for AutoADS, VacADS, VacExtender, and certain AutoXleeve.

Please note: You will have to try few time to find a comfortable length around your neck/shoulder and waist. All steps listed in this page is reversable - so don't cut any cord before finding that sweet spots.

You can also buy additional assembly materials when ordering - its pretty cheap and will save you time when you don't feel like messing about with these components.


To Start - Insert a barrel (on thicker elastic cord)


Once barrel is in - fold end of the cord.
Insert the Hook assembly. It might be bit tight fitting - but not that difficult. Make sure its all the way in.

Now bring the barrel into the hook assembly and push them together.

Note: initially when you get the assembly, it might be tight - so use a plier to push or pull barrel.


Here's fully closed barrel.

As you may noticed - the amount of cord you bend will determine the length of the overall harness. You could experiment before cutting any cords.

Do the same for the other end.

Once both side is finished - hook it into the center-ring.

Put it around the neck, shoulder, or waist and you'll get the idea.

Adjustment can be made even after everything is hooked up.

Loop THINNER elastic cord around the Center-Ring. Use counter clock and anti-counter clock loop.

Once Thinner elastic cord is looped on center ring - close the cord using cord lock provided.

In most cases - this is what gets adjusted the most - to put more or less pressure. The thicker elastic cord - once ideal length is found is pretty much static.

Here's a completed harness. Its not that difficult and with bit of imagination, you could use this harness for under desk setup or over the bed application. All you need is some place to hook the end.

For the cylinder - tie a left over thinner elastic cord. The cords are way long - so you'll have a plenty to spare.



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