VacExtender / VacADS Design

VacExtender/ADS 5 is a revolutionary new design - to eliminate inherent issues with vacuum based hanging/stretching.

Here's a typical vacuum stretching device

It typically includes: 1) Main cylinder, 2) Sealing sleeves and 3) mechanism to remove air from the cylinder (ours via mouth or other via vacuum pump).

Tyical application

You apply your penis into the cylinder and sealing sleeve is rolled into your shaft. As air is sucked out - the head move toward the top of the cylinder where air hole is.

Due to its inherent design - when head reaches the top and skin close the air evacuation hole, no additional air can be removed no matter how much you try to suck or pump. Once skin touch hole, its close

This leaves quite abit of air in the chamber.

The problem occurs when force is applied (weight/extender, etc).

The sealing sleeve will give and stretch as force is applied. Even hardest sleeve will stretch depending on amount of force being applied. In all cases, no matter the type of sleeves or careful application - there will always be some space when force is applied.

With trapped air due to inherent nature of a single cylinder design - in combination of residual air and stretched sleeve allows for fluid buildup condition. This is especially true on the tip area.

This is why there are so many ways people try to tamp down the head to eliminate the fluid buildup including some kind of constriction sleeves or in our case anti-fluid tape.

Took a long time - like 5 plus years thinking about how to resolve these issues (actually go way back on Thunders forum with fellow PE'er named Mgus). We designed so many prototypes with varying degree - some patial and others much better but difficult design to manufacture (in our small shop).

By creating inner cylinder with multiple air hole, we can achieve near complete air removal. Even if there is any air left, it won't matter due to our design.

Near Complete elimination of vacuum stretching issues.

As air is evacuated - the head conform to inside cylinder like its part of the head - a hard outer shell.

Multiple holes allows for complete air removal.

Because head conforms to inner cylinder- it moves with the head (it locks it in), even if sealing sleeve stretch and detach from the top, the inner cylinder stays connected with the head.

This simply means - head will be tamped down and fluid condition is eliminated.

A bonus of the design is that you don't even have to use much difficult to use harder sleeves. you can use softer and more gentle to skin soft sleeves.

We hope this help you understand the new design.