8/26/2013 - We are now shipping VacExtender v4.2. All of the changes are done on the cylinders, which includes:

  • Went from 2 to 3 sizes to further customize fitting.
  • Cyliners are now deeper than before to accomodate higher weight accomodation.
  • Compared to v4.2 sizes, the small stays same, large is now medium, the new large cylinder is added to current line up.
  • The internal shape have changed slightly - with wider opening and near the top. This new cylinder shape is to accomodate the pressure more evenly (or distribute the pressure more evenly)


VacExtender (Now on v4.2)

Introducing our most advanced Vacuum based extender - VacExtender 4. Designed from group up to be different than anything else on the market, its simply designed to provide a better PE (Penis Enlargement) experience while eliminating most common vacuuming issues.


  • Anatomically shaped cylinder (internal shape) to fit the head better.
  • Designed to "suck" the head to minimize head swelling.
  • Redesigned Vacuum Ring provides better gripping power.
  • Vacuum strength is fixed - no more over vacuuming issue.
  • Supported weight is increased to 10lb for free weight hangers.
  • Air is controlled via mouth suction - no need for vacuum pump.
  • Can be used with anti-fluid tape or for majority of users, no tape.
  • Multi-purpose functionality: Extender, Free weight, straps, fix point stretching.
  • Can be worned under clothing (baggy clothing with leg strap).



Cylinder - Anatomically shaped cylinder designed to accept the head and vacuum tube.

Vacuum Ring - Applied on the shaft (near the scar line), allows the "cork" like effect and envelop the head into the cylinder and creating sealed chamber. A vacuum ring also include a short vacuum tube, which will be guided into small tube fitting on the main cylinder.

Compress Sleeve - Used in conjunction with Vacuum ring, the main function of this sleeve is to provide a gripping power on the shaft.

Tubing - In addition to short vacuum tube installed on Vacuum ring, a longer tube is supplied for connecting into the vacuum ring. The other size goes to your mouth.

Pinch Clamp - Installed anywhere along the vacuum tube, this clamp will open or close the vacuum tube.



Vac4.2 packages:

VacADS v4.2 - A basic system includes all of the above items. A plus package will add additional vacuum ring/compress sleeve and foot cord. The VacADS package will allow you to use the system as free floating hanger, manual stretcher, fixed point stretcher (like hook on your desk/bed) and leg strap/cord usage.

Modified Vac4.2 - In addition to VacADS package, this option comes with Extender head attachment. This will allow you to use your own extender. Please measure your outside diameter of your rod - it will be either 8 or 9mm. A plus kit includes additional vacuum ring/compress sleeve and foot cord.

VacExtender v4.2 - In addition to VacADS package, you can choose KR or Jes extender for a complete package. A plus kit includes additional vacuum ring/compress sleeve and foot cord.

Sizing Info :

To select right size cylinder, please use following guideline,

1) All measurements are done straight across and on completely flaccid state.

2) Measure the widest part of the head - straight across on flaccid head.

a) If your measurement is less than 1.25" - order small cylinder

b) If your measurement is between than 1.3" - 1.5" - order medium cylinder

c) If your measurement is greater than 1.5" - order large cylinder

Actual cylinder sizes are,

Small = 1.4" opening ID, 1 3/8" depth

Medium = 1.6" opening ID, 1 1/2" depth

Large = 1.8" opening ID, 1 5/8" depth


To order,please visit our online order page.






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