Anti-Fluid Tape

Vacuum based devices are typically more easier and comfortable to use without typical negatives aspect of Noose or Clamp based devices. Some of these negative aspects are cutting off of blood flow (past where it is applied) or grabbing the skin more than an actual internal structure. The Vacuum based device don't have this limitation, except fluid buildup.

When using a vacuum based device, you have to be careful about the fluid buildup. Typically, a head expansion is an desirable effect as it allow for girth improvement. However, because of a thin skin surrounding the tip (Urethra), a fluid buildup needs to be controlled. This is the only area where you need to pay attention when vacuuming. Expansion to any other parts are perfectly normal and is a desirable effect.

This where Anti-fluid tape comes in. The tape is applied to the tip only and once on, it will stop nearly all expansion. Since fluid buildup is controlled through the tape, this have several effects,

1) it allow for longer wear time as you don't have to constantly check to see if you are getting fluid buildup,
2) a higher force can be used (hi/low session).
3) provide cushioning effect and actually make it more comfortable to use the device.

Please understand that you don't not need to use the tape if you are not susceptible to fluid buildup, but nearly all users should use the tape per above benefits.

To use the device,

  • Cut 3/4" length (you'll know after few tries of how much).
  • Apply center of the tape to opening of urethra. As long as the soft tissue is covered, you don't care how its on over the rest of the head.
  • Follow normal routine of putting your device.

That's it! I've tried many different solutions, including some in house made gizmo/silicone tape to trying out 20-25 different types of tape. This one works at near 100% rate and is the only tape found that was easy to take off after the session (Trust me, I've lost several layers of skin trying out all these tapes). Monkeybar.




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