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We offer the most advanced and effective Penis Enlargement (PE) products on the market today! Simply, we make devices that are safe and comfortable. It doesn't matter what the device looks like or how shiny it is or that it has markings on the rods - if it is not comfortable, it's useless.

Just in case you haven't heard about AutoExtender.com or about our products, there are huge review threads on several PE forums that talk about our devices in depth (In particular on Thundersplace.org, the largest independant, non-affiliated PE Forum). At last count, the VacExtender Thread contains 155+ pages and span several years of discussions (both good and bad). Our other products are also reviewed and those threads are also quite long. So we don't hide anything here - and we certainly don't have one of those silly "how much you could gain in 1 month" calculators. Oh, my screen name is "monkeybar" on several independent PE Forums, hence monkeybar's place!

All our devices result from the continual enhancements and collaborative efforts of numerous PE veterans and our users. If one of our devices can be improved (and I always find a way to improve them), I will take it off the market and redesign it as necessary before re-introducing the device.

So make yourself at home, read everything, view the instruction videos, go do your own research before spending any money and feel free to ask questions (by the way, I'm slow on email as this really isn't my main job - unless I get laid off - but I always respond).

Product Line-up

We offer several male enhancement products - from light all day/all night stretching systems (ADS and ANS) to multi-functional vacuum based extenders. Here is a list of our current product line-up (See the order page for other products/accessories),

Design Philosophy

I started this hobby/business 15+ years ago (2000). I was frustrated because I couldn't use any of the devices on the market (due to pain/hassle) and wasted lots of money in the process. Because of that experience, I follow these guidelines (still because I use them),

Comfort/Safety - If it's not comfortable or safe, you won't use it. Simple as that!

Repeatability - We don't claim to have a device that could do 30lb's of weight. That's not us. Sure we could do it to make a point, but it must be something that is practical for users, day in and day out. No need to be silly with something as important as our manhood since we only have one!

Continual Development - If it can be done (cost/benefit, production issues, etc), I'll try my best to improve the product. Penis Enlargement is a hassle. After all, you are putting something on your Jr. and you'll notice that something is there. Although we have come a long way, it will never stop.

Monkeybar - I'm not a big manufacturer (nor do I do this full time). In fact I buy lots of stuff from some of the larger PE manufacturers, throw out some of the junk and enhance them. I alway try my best, but I can't satisfy everyone (PE is very unique to each person) - so if you don't like one of our products - send me an email (for return instructions). You have 30 days to try (fair amount of time right?) or we could try to come up a with different solution. Either way, it's your choice.




Our Friends:

Thundersplace - This is a free Penis Enlargement forum with no association with us or with other vendors. In simple terms, this site contains one of the most comprehensive Penis Enlargement information - all for free and without pressure of vendors "sneaking in" to inject their own cause. Its literally "drama free" and members there are super friendly. I have my own thread on product review section and use that thread as my support line. Even though I do participate in that particular thread - users tell it like it is, good or bad. Doesn't matter how long I've been there - and that is a good thing! Keep me in line and keep me motivated to do/make better stuff. So go check it out and join - its all free and just follow the "adult" rules and you'll be welcome. Monkeybar!


Warning: Our products are novelty item. Its is not intended to cure or treat medical condition. Our products are intended for advanced users of these novelty products and may involved significant risk.

The AutoExtender (known as maker) accepts NO responsibilities or claims, both expressed or implied, and will not be liable for safety or efficacy of our products, whether or not products were used as intended or not. You and only you are responsible for any risks.

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