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KR Extender - is our own branded noose based extender that has good quality parts without going overboard on price (can also be ordered as a part of VacExtender package). Ofcourse, our package also include upgraded parts. Click on the picture for more detail.
Modified VacExtender - You already own an extender? Is it in a drawer? This will convert your uncomfortable extender to our super comfy Vacextender 4.2
VacADS - All of the same function as our VacExtender v4.2 without the extender part. Use it to hang light weight, manual exercise, stretch using leg strap... Click for more details.
AutoXleeve - another AutoExtender device. This is a super comfortable, light force stretching system thats unlike anything else. Click on the picture for more details.
VacHanger 3 - Highly versatile hanger that works on both girth and length. Click on the picture for more details.


VacExtender 4
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The latest version of our vacuum based extender.


Accessories (detail information coming soon):

Extender base pad - your extender base hurting your pubic bone? This will help

Sealing Sleeves - Used on VacExtender 2/Modified VacExtender/VacADS, also can be used on VacExtender 3 and comes in several grade of hardness.

Xleeve weighted cap - Stainless weight for Xleeve system. Comes in 6, 9 and 14oz weight

Constriction Sleeve - For those who are "extremely" sensitive to Vacumming. Again, only for extremely sensitive folks.

Anti-Fluid tape - All our system comes with 1 roll. This is a replacment to control fluid buildup

Replacement parts - elongation bars for extender, extra cylinders, base, etc. Some will be in our upgrade page and if its not, just email us for price.







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