VacHanger 3

We are proud to introduce next evolution in vacuum based hanger, the VacHanger V.3

Simply, the VacHanger 3 is the most comfortable and effective vacuum based hanger on the market. If you don't think its comfortable, just send it back, no questions asked, that's how confident we are about this product.

VacHanger 3 highlights:

  • Works on both length and girth - without excessive skin stretching. You may actually notice the girth gain before length, which is a good thing.
  • Vacuum cone is amazingly simple to use. Its cinch to put it on and off and makes using the device easy (no more dreading taking it off, then on again).
  • Superbly designed clear cylinder for a better view while being in use.
  • Can be used as head expander alone (only the head, we have a head/shaft expander coming soon).
  • Multiple sealing method and options allows for highly versatile device.
  • No vacuum pump required or is needed - no over pumping danger or having to carry vacuum pump everywhere. All you need is a tube and your mouth to suck all the air out. Once tip of the head touches the air hole, no more air can be sucked out or over pump the concentrated skin over the hole. Its safer.
  • Can replace multiple device as it can be used as an ADS device to a heavy hanger

Tested (doesn't mean you should use these level of force, its what we found on testing setup)

  • Vacuum cone tested up to 5-10lb depending on individual shape.
  • Vacuum cone with compress sleeve tested up to 15lb depending on hardness of compress sleeve used.
  • Sealing sleeve tested up to 30lb depending on hardness of the sealing sleeve used.


Main Cylinder - made out of clear plastic, the cylinder incorporates vacuum valve on the top center and hanging hook mounted on the side. From all the years of creating vacuum based device, the cylinder is carefully shaped to fully distribute the force load over a wider area that minimize the fluid buildup while providing maximum head expansion for girth workout. The package will come with short vacuum tubing with connecting valve, pinch clamp and long vacuum tubing (used to suck the air out and detach once done).

Vacuum Cone (patent pending) - The star of our system. This simple but very effective vacuum cone allows for easy to use device not seen before. With this innovation, you will get most effective internal structure pull than any other method, such as sealing sleeve which will share the load with the skin instead of just pulling the internal shaft. Pound for pound, you will get better workout than other method using higher weights. Put it on right past the head (scar line) on the shaft and you're done. And its soft - so it will also protect the sensitive scar line area. This is very good for uncut users as they are even more sensitive.

Compress sleeve (an optional item). We don't think you'll need this extra item as vacuum cone should be more than enough for most users. But for those few users who like to hang more, putting this on top of the vacuum ring (over the cylinder and vacuum ring) will allow higher weight capacity. By adding this short sleeve, you can increase the holding power of the vacuum cone by as much as 50%. There will be two version - soft and hard.
Sealing Sleeve ( optional item). And old school method. Instead of using the vacuum cone, these sleeves are used instead to create a vacuum (sealing on the shaft side). You roll the sleeve over the cylinder, put the head in, then unroll. One reason why this is used instead of vacuum cone is the holding power, it can hold much more. However, there's lots of skin play with this method - meaning it will pull the skin more than vacuum ring method. There are two sizes (small/large) and two hardness (soft/hard).
Foot/Neck Cord - Its simple thing that works. Its a elastic cord with a hook. Instant force that you can keep it in your pocket. There's two way to use this cord, on your foot or around your neck (up/down). You could generate quite of amount of pressure with this cord.
Premium Silicone Lube - This is used to make it easier for head insertion. Its also great on the skin without the messy residue.
Anti-fluid tape - for heavy hangers. Typically, with the new cylinder design, you do not need to tamp down the head for light or ADS users. But for heavy hangers, you'll want to use the tape to minimize the head sweling in concentrated area. Its typically used to cover the tip and underside of the head.

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Usage Suggestion from our experience (Monkeybar and beta testers - we'll be adding on to this section in the future):

1) While its a heavy hanger, most use light weight or ADS setup in 95% of the time. Slow and steady seems to work better.

2) We've noticed girth gain much faster than length but that also came. Note: we were using up to 12-15 hours a day, mostly in light setup.

3) The head will get colder at time and bit discolored. That's why we recommend that you take a break to let the blood flow. While it doesn't completely cut off blood circulation (more like it holds it there) like clamp type of device, you still need to give it a break.

4) We've tried to use the Leg strap and universal harness. It worked to a degree but because cylinder is larger, it was bit awkward... that's how we came up with foot cord idea and it actually works great.

5) Xleeve with no force (just elongated or anti-turtled) was used when we weren't using the device.

More will come.


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