VacExtender 5

VacExtender V5 - Next Generation (Click here to see how our new design works)

Note: we are currently redesigning the KR Extender base for VacExtender 5 - it will be larger and will be convertible (meaning you don't have to put it on first to apply the cylinders. There could be one more surprise if design works out (hopefully). It should take few weeks - once finished, all VacExtender 5 purchasees will qualify for new base - just pay for shipping and we'll send it out to you.


We are proud to introduce a breakthrough vacuum-based Extender, the VacExtender v5!

Revolutionary free-floating dual-chamber design

  • Includes inner and outer cylinder
  • Uses simple single sleeve setup (no more fragile vacuum ring)
  • Full air evacuation through an innovative inner cylinder with multiple air holes
  • Free-floating Inner cylinder moves with the head, even if the sleeve stretches
  • Near complete elimination of fluid buildup condition.
  • Even more comfortable than v4.2
  • Longer sessions without worrying about fluid buildup



VacExtender 5 Highlights:

  • Multi-Functional - This device was designed from the ground up to be a multi-functional system. From extender to light hanger, this is a must-have PE device.
  • Better Design - No matter how well it looks - a single-cylinder-based system can't fully evacuate the air. As the head is pulled in toward the top - the skin will block the air hole, leaving any air on the side still trapped in the cylinder (and the vacuum pump won't help when the hole is closed from the skin). When force is applied, the sealing sleeve/vacuum ring or whatever method is used - the top of the head will detach from the cylinder. This is why there are so many ways to minimize this effect - such as using tape, bandages, comfort sleeve, constriction types of sleeve, etc to minimize this effect. When force is applied, even will not help- creating fluid buildup conditions.

By using a free-floating dual chamber design - we completely eliminated these issues. Simple, once air is removed, the inside cylinder moves with the head.

  • Comfort - This is not a constriction-based noose or strap extender – it’s comfortable and is now even more comfortable (even compared to our v4.2, which was already one of the most comfortable systems around. Simply, comfort means more usage. The duel chamber allows for tight-fitting and without the typical worry of a single-cylinder design. For uncut users - the scar line comfort sleeve will help with pulling back the skin and help with keeping it in place to apply the cylinder.
  • Effective force - We promote smart PE. The VacExtender is designed to gradually lengthen the penis by focusing primarily on its internal structure. With other devices that use the constriction method to grab the penis (noose or strap), the tensile force is shared between the internal structure and the skin. This is fine if you want to stretch your skin ( foreskin), but it is not optimal for penile lengthening. The free-floating dual cylinder is placed on the corona/scarline area and only a minimal area is overlapped onto the shaft/skin. What this means is that only the internal structure is pulled and minimal skin stretching. To get a better idea of how this work, pull the head of the penis with your finger vs pulling by grabbing the shaft.
  • Simple to use - The new design allows for the single sleeve to create a vacuum seal. And because of the effective air removal, the sealing sleeve is very short, which allows for easier rolling over the cylinder. No more fiddling with the vacuum ring - think of it as the inner cylinder being a better-designed vacuum ring.


  • Outside cylinder
  • Inside cylinder (choose your size)
  • Short and long silicone tubings
  • Tubing clamp and connector
  • Anti-fluid tape (only use it to make it more comfortable on the tip of the head, not for fluid buildup)
  • Scarline comfort sleeve (yellow - for uncut users, it keeps the skin pulled back), Also make it more comfortable when sleeve is unrolled.
  • 2 x sealing sleeves
  • Foot cord with food rest
  • Modified - adds extender head attachment
  • VacExtender - includes all of the above plus KR Extender

VacExtender/VacADS/Modified 5 Sizing Information

All measurements are done in a flaccid state (completely flaccid)

Measure the widest point on your head (top line). The head will be squished as air is removed so it will go down in size.

Measurements are done straight across (not circumference).

If you are uncut or want a more comfortable session, use the included scar line protector. This will allow you to pull your skin back and the sleeve will hold it in place.


Measure the widest point on your head (top line):


Once you have your measurement, use the following charts to find your cylinder:

Please remember - a flaccid head, can be squeezed in as air is removed, so tight is perfectly fine, even if you are slightly over the opening measurement. This means 1.45 head size can be used small/medium or medium/large. The larger size will inflate the head but not create fluid buildup.

Monkeybar typically uses small/medium but can use medium/large without any issues. We'll have a package including both inside cylinders if you want to experiment.


VacExtender 5 Inside Cylinder
Cylinder Opening measurement Comment
Small/medium 1.35" / 34mm Can be used right up to this size, measure flaccid and
Medium/large 1.45" / 36mm For most users

coming soon





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