Anti-Fluid Tape Usage Instruction

The anti-fluid tape is used to control the fluid build on the tip. The tape is applied before you use the VacExtender.

sd 1) The goal of the tape is to eliminate fluid buildup on the tip of the penis, where its the softest. The Eurethra opening is the area we are targeting. 2) Cut 1 1/2" length tape. Experiment to see what length works best - you want to cover the tip and majority of the head body.
as 3) Place the tape on the tip. Make sure that tip of the penis is clean and that tape doesn't have any finger grease. This is important to keep the tape in place. as 4) Again, the tip is the most important part - once tip is securely taped, apply rest of the tape to rest of the head body. The body part doesn't have to be on tightly, just enough so that some tape is attached.
as 5) Place the cylinder on as normally (with sealing sleeve on which is not shown). The cylinder will further press down the tape.   When tape is on correctly, after the session, you will need to peel it off - and tip is in its original condition (no buildup at all). You may need to practice few times to see how this works. Please make sure your head is clean (use wetnap) and limit the session until you master how to put the tape on.



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