KR Extender Base package

Quality, Safety and Comfort

The KR Extender is made of high quality materials with good level of tolerance. We've tested plenty of different brands, including higher tier brand name extenders and some god awful extenders from China. We came to conclusion that KR Extender quality nearly match extenders costing 3-4x as much.

The main difference between the KR Extender vs higher priced extender (such as Jes or Andro Extender) is what the rod is made of. The Jes and Andro rods are made out of stainless steel (or stainless steel plated with silver or gold). The KR Extender rods are made out of steel and plated in either silver or gold color. Unless you are using it while showering, this should not affect its usability. The rest of the extenders are about the same with all of them made using ABS plastic.

Note about basic extender

Whether you buy a KR Extender or any other brands, the functionality and usability is quite limited. Because these extenders use a strap or a noose setup, the pressure put on sensitive area (including nerves) is bit too much for some users and most do end up in a drawer after few days. Still KR extender is cheap so you could try it and if you don't like it, get the upgrade to make it a VacExtender. You'll notice the difference immediately.

Upgrade path to VacExtender

Once you get used to the Extender usage and see its potential, you'll most likely want to move up to a more advanced system. The KR Extender is the basis of VacExtender and all developments, both current and future. So when you are ready, you could always upgrade to VacExtender without buying a whole system again.

Our Extender Package includes

  • Base with spring loaded rods.
  • 1Silicone stap
  • 2 of 2" long rods (5cm)
  • 6 of 1 1/8" short rods (3cm)
  • Total length of all the rods including the base is slightly over 8"
  • Comes in a plain bubble wrap non retail packaging
  • Upgradable to VacExtender
  • Warranty - our products are warranteed for life. So if it breaks, and your dog didn't do it, we'll replace - just pay for shipping (Consumable such as silicone strap is not covered).

Note: We do not include any written instructions, invoice or CD/DVD on your package. This is due to privacy issues that most users have - so we don't include them. The how-to is located in the instruction section of this site (see the link at the top of this page). In any case, most of the information on CD/DVD included with other extenders is not very useful. The KR Extender is a simple device to operate - you need to experiment a bit to find the comfortable level.

Note 2: Please tighten the rods using pliers (once you figure out the length you need). The spring housing needs to be tighten first (counter clock wise) and other rods are tighten clock wise. This is not just for KR extender - all extender use same rod setup and they all have to be tighten using pliers.

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