KR Extender Usage Instruction

sd 1) Place the bottom circular plastic base on the pubic area. The length of the rod should be slightly longer than stretched flaccid length. 2) Once base is in place, Push the rod down so you could put the comfort pad on the scar line. Using your finger, slip the comfort pad on the scar line - overlapping part of the shaft and head.
as 3) Once Comfort Tube is in place, slide the extender head piece into the rods. as 4) Push the cord into two holes on the extender head. Keep the cords even or one side slightly longer - you will be pulling on both side to tighten the noose. The noose should go on top of the comfort tube.
as 5) Pull silicon ring tightly around the head (over the comfort tube) and pull on both side or one side at a time to tighten. Some practice is required to find the right setting. as 6) The cord is locked into place on the bottom side of the extender head.
as 7) Adjust the tension by moving turning the bottom rod for up/down movement. To make it easier, you could also push down the extender head (so that spring is depresses) to increase the rod length.    



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