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Modified VacExtender

If you already have a Penis Extender - likely in your drawer or not being used much due to discomfort - we have a solution! A Modified VacExtender kit. This kit will transform your noose/strap based system to our new VacExtender 4.

After testing 20 different brands or so (didn't know there were so many), our kit will fit 95% of the kits on the market. If you system has metal rods - like pictured above, then it will fit. The only system that will not fit is the MaleEddge extender, which has plastic rods.

To better fit your extender, we offer two (2) different Modified VacExtender edition:

  • Jes/KR Edition - accomodate 8mm rods, this is more common size for most extenders.
  • Universal Edition - accomodate 9mm to 9.5mm rods. There are few extenders that came with this size rods.
  • To measure what size rod you have, put a ruler against the rod to see if its 8 or 9mm.

Please measure the thickness of your metal rods. Its either 8 or 9mm and order based on those measurement.


Sizing Info :

To select right size cylinder, please use following guideline,

1) All measurements are done straight across and on completely flaccid state.

2) Measure the widest part of the head - straight across on flaccid head.

a) If your measurement is less than 1.25" - order small cylinder

b) If your measurement is between than 1.3" - 1.5" - order medium cylinder

c) If your measurement is greater than 1.5" - order large cylinder

Actual cylinder sizes are,

Small = 1.4" opening ID, 1 3/8" depth

Medium = 1.6" opening ID, 1 1/2" depth

Large = 1.8" opening ID, 1 5/8" depth



We have several packages available and descriptions are on the order page.

For more information, please see VacExtender 4.2 (current version) for detailed information.


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