Detailed VacExtender Instruction (Vacuum based Extender usage)

The VacExtender is a multi-functional PE device that can be used in several different ways. For this instruction page, we'll describe the Vacuum Based Extender Usage.




1) Lets look at the base closely. The base contains several important parts and house the precision spring that provides up/down movement. The spring housing contains the original 3.6lb rate spring. Some package will come with upgraded precision spring for those who wish for higher force. To change the spring, the spring nut will need to be unscrewed and spring replaced. You will need a plier (2) to lock and unlock the spring nut.

sd 1) To open the spring housing, turn the spring nut clockwise (use plier if you have to) to open. as 2) Here's is a picture of the open spring housing. Replace the spring with higher rate.
Note: Make sure you tighten the spring nut with a pliers. When force is applied during use, this could become loose.
sd 3) Once everything is tighten, add additional rods. Once you figure out the length you need, you also need to tighten the rods using plier (only have to do this once). as 4) Rod Length - this is user specific and depends on length of the penis and amount of force desired. Please experiment on length sizing from light ADS to higher force, add more or less rods.
as 5) Now we could work on preparing the head. Please make sure head is clean, free of oil, and no liquid present on the head. as

6) Applying Anti-fluid tape - Cut a piece of Anti-fluid tape. The application is from top of the head to bottom side, tip to tip. Typically this is about 3 to 3 1/2".


as 7) Once you figured out the length, hold the top end of the tape, then pull the tape over the tip and onto the underside. You are stretching slightly to compress the tip area. Make sure tip and bottom area is secured. as

8) Top part is not that important, what you care most about is the tip and underside. Make sure it is on tightly.

- For additional fluid control, you may also put another strip - this time, side to side for complete head coverage. The tape doesn't have to fit like a glove, just enough to stay on the head. Once in the cylinder, the cylinder will keep the tape in place.

as 9) Squeeze the tape with your hand to make sure it is on tightly. as

10) Apply vacuum ring by stretching it over your fingers.


11) Place the Vacuum Ring on the scarline. The ring is placed right on the tip edge, covering the entire scarline.

- Don't worry if its not on correctly, it can be adjusted easily.


12) Once Vacuum Ring is placed on the scarline, there's a good chance some part is not straight, folded, etc. Just lift and pull any section to get it on straight.

- Make sure Vacuum ring is on top of the Anti-fluid tape if it overlap.


13) At this point, the Extender base needs to be placed on the pubic area.


14) Now we'll prepare the Vacuum Cylinder (there's no specific order for doing this, this could be done first).

The air release hole is located on the front part of the cylinder. To located the front, there's small notch on top of the cylinder (you could feel the notch).


15) Place the Compress Sleeve over the cylinder. The sleeves are quite durable and once on, it doesn't need to be removed, so you could pull and stretch over the cylinder easily.


16) Here's covered cylinder. The goal is to place the Compress Sleeve over the air release hole near the top of the cylinder. On the opening side, the sleeve should extend 1/2-3/4" past the tip.

- Included compress sleeve is longer than needed, so experiment here before cutting.


19) Once in place (with air release hole covered), the Compress sleeve will need to be rolled over onto the cylinder.


20) Once rolled, hold it with one hand. Now we are ready to apply the cylinder. Holding the rolled Compress Sleeve with thumb and ring/pinky fingers, use the index finger to expose the air release hole. Experiment, doesn't take much to do this.


21) Apply the cylinder. The goal is to push down the cylinder onto the head while air release hole is open. This will allow most of the air to escape. Once Vacuum Ring makes a contact, the open end is closed - once air is release, let go of the top part of the compress sleeve.

Slowly unroll the compress sleeve so that it overlap on thick part of the Vacuum Ring.


22) Here's cylinder applied (it should be bit tidier than this - the fake dildo doesn't collapse, so its really not on tightly).

If you need to make any adjustment, do it here. You could lift up the Compress Sleeve to pull it tighter.

As mentioned, the compress sleeve comes longer than needed. Before cutting, experiment with partial coverage (only to thick part of the Vacuum Ring) or full coverage (even past the vacuum ring, your preference.

But we're not done yet...


23) Now we are going to remove any remaining air from the cylinder.

Pull the cylinder by grabbing the D-ring outward. You should see some elongation movement.


24) Once you're at maximum pull, push it down as quickly as possible. At the same time, slightly push down the compress sleeve, exposing the air release hole. This is one movement and although it sounds complicated, it becomes natural.

As you push down with air hole expose, you are pushing out the remaining air left in chamber. If there's enough air, you should hear "swoosh" sound. If you do, then there were too much air - practice previous steps of inserting the head into the cylinder - there should only be so much air left in the cylinder.

Once it is pushed down, quickly let go of the Compress sleeve. This should create tight chamber. If you feel there's still air in the chamber, repeat till you see the tape covered head pushing agaist top of the cylinder.



25) Now You are ready to begin your session. Attach the Extender Head on the rod, push the extender rod downward so that spring loaded base collapse, attach the D-ring.


26) Final thought - although these seems like lot of steps, once you past the initial learning curve, it becomes natural and very quick process.

The most important thing to remember is that you are trying to a create tight fitting sealed chamber. The cylinder is designed so that top part of the head gets squished against the cylinder, limiting head expansion. Less air means better fluid control.


To Remove the cylinder - Once you are finished, unhook the cylinder from the extender head. Slowly peel the Compress sleeve from the bottom (opening end), roll it over the cylinder and head/Vacuum Ring should come right off. Good luck!



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