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This instruction page covers all Vac4 based products, including Vacextender 4, Modified VacExtender 4 and VacADS 4.





1) Lets look at the base closely. The base contains several important parts and house the precision spring that provides up/down movement. The spring housing contains the original 3.6lb rate spring. Some package will come with upgraded precision spring for those who wish for higher force. To change the spring, the spring nut will need to be unscrewed and spring replaced. You will need a pliers (2) to lock and unlock the spring nut.

sd To open the spring housing, turn the spring nut clockwise (use pliers if you have to) to open. as Here's is a picture of the open spring housing. Replace the spring with higher rate.
Note: Make sure you tighten the spring nut with a pliers. When force is applied during use, this could become loose.
sd Once everything is tighten, add additional rods. Once you figure out the length you need, you also need to tighten the rods using pliers (only have to do this once). as Rod Length - this is user specific and depends on length of the penis and amount of force desired. Please experiment on length sizing from light ADS to higher force, add more or less rods.
as Now we could work on preparing the head. Please make sure head is clean, free of oil, and no liquid present on the head. All operation is done while in flaccid state!!! * Anti-Fluid Tape

We highly recommend using anti-fluid tape in your package. Especially around the vacuum hole area (bottom side of your head).



Here is one of the two recommended anti-fluid tape application.
1) Starting from end of the head, apply tape from top to bottom. Length of the tape is user dependant.


Once you figured out the length, hold the top end of the tape, then pull the tape over the tip and onto the underside. You are stretching slightly to compress the tip area. Make sure tip and bottom area is secured.



Top (body) part of the head is not that important, what you care most about is the tip and the underside. Make sure it is on tightly.


Squeeze the tape with your hand to make sure it is on tightly.

Here's marking for each area. Tape the area shown for fluid control. The vacuum cone area is the starting point - some users prefer closer to the head and other like to move it out slightly more - its what you prefer.
Before we start working on the tape, prepare the cylinder by applying the compress sleeve (short blue sleeve)
Once applied, begin rolling the sleeve like condom. Practice rolling tightly.
Here's nearly rolled sleeve. It takes practice to roll tightly so be patient.
Here's rolled sleeve on the cylinder. Once rolled, it will stay put until you unroll. Now put that aside.
Before working on the tape and vacuum cone, insert the extender base on your shaft. The vacuum cone is too big to pass it through.

Slowly slip the ring over the head.


Another view - its more of a push action rather than stretch and get over action. When not overstretched, the ring should last quite a long time.


Place your finger through the thinner side of the vacuum ring.


Here's another view.

Do not over stretch the ring or it could rip. Its very stretchy, so you just need to get it over the head slightly and it can be adjusted even if its only half way in.

Please note, you are looking at bottom side of the cone. The tubing must be at the bottom.

At this point, you can apply the tape using steps above.

Once tape is applied, apply vacuum cone on the shaft.

*** Again - do not over stretch the vacuum cone - you only need to get it on the head and pull. Over stretching will rip the vacuum cone.

Here's another view of tape and cone applied. Again, the tube must be on the bottom side.

The tube length needs to be short - just enough to guide it into the cylinder.

Once vacuum cone/tape is applied, attach a longer set of tubing with pinch clamp. The pinch clamp can be positioned anywhere alone the line but if you are going to remove the longer tubing after suction, apply on the short side.

The open end of the tubing should be on your mouth at this point.

Note - you are looking at bottom side of the cylinder (where tube fitting is located).

Slowly guide the head/shaft into the cylinder, lining up the tubing into the small opening on the cylinder.

Once tube is inserted, push the head into the cylinder as much as you can. Once vacuum cone makes contact, you can begin unrolling compress sleeve.

As you push the head in, you should feel the air coming out of the tube in your mouth.

Once compress sleeve makes contact with the vacuum cone, a seal is made.


This is what it should look like. At this point, cylinder is closed and seal is made. Only way to unseal is to lift the sleeve or blow the air in via tubing.

At this point, begin the air removal via your mouth. The head should expand and part of the vacuum cone should also be sucked in.

Here's better picture of what it should look like. The head/tape should be touching the top part of the cylinder.

Notice the vacuum cone on the bottom, its should also be sucked into the cylinder.

Both of these are by design - to control fluid buildup. The cylinder act as anti-fluid control device, not allowing un-restricted expansion (which is why we recommend tighter cylinder). The vacuum cone also provides fluid control by pushing the head "in" while limiting expansion on the tail end of the head.

Once air is removed fully - pinch the clamp to seal off the tubing.
This is for extender users only - at this point, you can apply the VacExtender head (white) and attach the D-ring.

One more view for extender users


How to take it off -

1) release the pinch clamp so air enters the main chamber.

2) you could most likely pull it out from the main cylinder but if you can't,

3) lift the compress sleeve from cylinder side to pull it off or

4) lift the compress sleeve from shaft side and peel it off (re-rolling a bit).

Helpful Hints,

1) if cylinder is sticking, use a light dusting of corn starch (with aloe is nice).

2) if you are losing vacuum, its either application of there's a leak somewhere on the cylinder. Contact MB.

3) When putting on Vacuum ring - make sure you straighten out skins underneath. You can lift, pull, and push. If there's a burning feeling, then its a skin pinch. This step will alleviate that issue.

4) If you are new to vacuuming - even if you been PE'ing for long time, its very different than other types of devices. Go slow, try it out for 10 minutes at a time in the beginning to see how you react to vacuuming. Slow increase time.

5) duration is more important than higher force. Make it comfortable and try to wear it as long as possible.




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