Detailed VacExtender Instruction (Vacuum based Extender usage)

The VacExtender is a multi-functional PE device that can be used in several different ways. For this instruction page, we'll describe the Vacuum Based Extender Usage.




1) Lets look at the base closely. The base contains several important parts and house the precision spring that provides up/down movement. The spring housing contains the original 3.6lb rate spring. Some package will come with upgraded precision spring for those who wish for higher force. To change the spring, the spring nut will need to be unscrewed and spring replaced. You will need a plier (2) to lock and unlock the spring nut.

sd 1) To open the spring housing, turn the spring nut clockwise (use plier if you have to) to open. as 2) Here's is a picture of the open spring housing. Replace the spring with higher rate.
Note: Make sure you tighten the spring nut with a pliers. When force is applied during use, this could become loose.
sd 3) Once everything is tighten, add additional rods. Once you figure out the length you need, you also need to tighten the rods using plier (only have to do this once). as 4) Sizing - this is user specific and depends on amount of force wanted for for each session. For light ADS, you want to size the rods so that its slightly longer than a natural length. For those who wants higher force, you will need to increase the length for additional force. Generally, you'll spend most of time doing light ADS, so slightly longer than natural (flaccid) length is good starting point.
as 5) Put the base cylinder on the pubic base. The base has to go on before the vacuum cylinder. as 6) Push the rods down the leg - this will give you the room so you could apply the vacuum cylinder. You could also rotate the base or turn the rod up - whichever makes it easier and give you room to work on the cylinder.
as 7) Now we could work on applying the cylinder. The cylinder has a small hole on one side of the face. This should always be facing the user. as 8) Advanced Topic - its bit premature at this point but the length of sleeve will affect how it grabs the penis. In general, you want to go as short as possible (to avoid skin play) without jeopardizing sealing capability. The sleeve supplied is very long and user will need to determine how much to cut off as they get used to the system.
as 9) Apply the sleeve onto cylinder. Work slowly around from one side to another until 2/3 of the cylinder is covered. The airhole should be covered at this point (make sure this is pointing toward you) as 10) Sleeve rolling - this is one of the more critical task. As you get used to the system, you should learn to roll the sleeve very tightly. When it is rolled tightly, it makes it easier to unroll and keep the air movement to minimum. Begin rolling from one side to another.
as 11) Continue to roll - until its over the cylinder. as 12) Here's rolled sleeve.
as 13) Another View of rolled sleeve. Note the tight rolled sleeve. as 14) Insert the penis. Since we are working with flaccid penis, you may have to squeeze from the bottom using the other hand. The goal is to push it in hard or as much as you can. You also have to make sure skin is pulled back - don't worry, you'll get used to it quickly.
as 15) Once head is in, unroll - making sure skin is pulled back. The tighly rolled sleeve should flap down on to shaft easily. Hold it there when it does and straighten skin to make sure its not caught between the cylinder. as

16) Here's fully applied cylinder. you can now begin purging the air by slightly lifting the sleeve from the top and pushing it down.

* Note - see a video for air purging.

Note: The air purging is bit more involved, so see a separate video!

17) Attach Extender head to your base rod.


18) Here's what it should look like. While it seems like there's lot of process, its quite natural when you are doing it. And once its on, its comfortable. Good luck!




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