Vachanger 3 Usage Sample

Weight Hanging - Only using vacuum ring.

Foot/Neck Cord - Using vacuum ring only

Foot/Neck Cord - Using vacuum ring only


VacHanger 3 Instruction

Using VacHanger is very simple though some experimentation is required to find the best position for individual user. Use the following guideline:

1) Apply Vacuum cone over the shaft.

Where you place the vacuum cone will determine how much of the head and shaft will be sucked into the cylinder.

This one is placed bit farther away from the head. Closer the vacuum ring to the head, less shaft will be inside the cylinder. The goal is to find the best position for individual user - try close and farther apart to see which is more comfortable.

2) Once vacuum ring is positioned (after few try to find the best position),

a) Place the vacuum tube on the mouth (assembled)

b) make sure pinch clamp is in open position.

c) Insert head/shaft till it stops.

3) Once head is in and vacuum ring is stucked on the cylinder opening, suck the air out via mouth till tip of the head touches the top of the cylinder.

4) Once all air is expunged, still keeping the vacuum tubing on the mouth, pull the cylinder.

5) Suck on the tubing to see if any more air will come out.

6) Close the pinch clamp

7) Detache the long vacuum tubing.

8) And you're done. Its an amazingly simple system. It may take few tries but once determined, its very easy for next time.




  1. Apply vacuum ring to desire location.
  2. Apply small dab of silicone lube on the cylinder wall, this will allow easier insertion.
  3. Apply anti-fluid tape on the tip and underside of the head if you are very sensitive to vacuuming. Start from the top of the head near the scarline then over the tip and down to underside. Make sure your head is very clean and free from any moisture (squeeze it out and use a tissue to get all the moisture out).
  4. Vacuum cone can be washed with a mild soap and should be done after few uses.
  5. Cylinder should be cleaned after couple of uses, epecially when silicone lube is used.
  • When hanging initially, you may feel some discomfort. This is a natural occurance as head is being shaped and positioned within the cylinder. Use a light force to begin, then increase the weight as time passes and discomfort should disappear.



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