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This is a discounted (price) page for our existing customers only (Customers who've purchase one our system - VacExtender, VacADS, Modified VacExtender, Xleeve or VacHanger).

If you are purchasing a new system, you may also add items from this page.

Please note: Not all replacement items are on this page. If you do not see an item{s}
you need, Please email sales@autoextender.com for item(s) you need.

This page is NOT for accessory only or those looking for parts for other 3rd party system. No exceptions!

Sleeves for VacExtender, VacADS, Modified VacExtender

VacExtender/VacADS/VacHanger - soft small
(Qty 2)

VacHange/Vacextenderr - soft large (Qty 2)

Hard Sleeve for VacExtender\VacADS/ VacHanger - small
( qty 2)

Vachanger/Vacextender Hard Large
(qty 2)

Vacuum Ring/Compress Sleeves for VacExtender/VacADS/Modified VacExtender v3.x and v4.x

VacExtender 3 Vacuum
Ring with compress sleeves Combo (qty 2 each).This version does not include suction tubing

Vac4.x Vacuum Ring with Compress Sleeve Combo (qty 2 each)
New Version

Vac4.x Vacuum Ring Only (Qty 1)

Replacement Xleeve sleeves, Applicator and Weighted Caps

Replacement Xleeve Sleeves

Number of sleeves
Specify sleeve selection:



Replacement Cylinders, Weighted Caps

Stealth Cap

VacExtender 4.2 Cylinder
(Does not include tube/connectors)

Cylinder Size:



VacHanger 3 Parts/Accessories

Weight Holder Short

Weight Holder Long


Foot Cord

Extra Cylinder - cylinder only, no tubing or clamps.

Select Cylinder Size

Cordless Electric Heating Pad

Vacuum Cone Soft

Select your cylinder size

Vacuum Cone Hard

Select your cylinder size

Vacuum Cone Mixed
(1 soft/ 1 hard)

Select your cylinder size

Compress Sleeve

Soft Sealing Sleeve (blue)

Select Size

Hard Sealing Sleeve (red)

Select Size

1ft Silicone Suction Hose

5ml Premium Silicone Lube

Hose Connector (qty 2)


Universal Base Pad





Constriction sleeve
(qty 1)

Cordless Electric Heating Pad

V-stretch attachement for VacExtender

Anti-fluid Tape



VacExtender Elongation bar - 2 cm

VacExtender Elongation bar - 5cm

Hose Connector



VacExtender Head
Select the head piece

Replacement Extender Base with
spring housing

1ft Silicone Suction Hose


VacExtender 4/ VacHanger 3
Ttubing pinch clamp