Parts and Consumables

Part Store for Existing Customer Only Please !

This is a discounted (price) page for our existing customers only (Customers who've purchase one our system - VacExtender, VacADS, Modified VacExtender, Xleeve or VacHanger).

If you are purchasing a new system, you may also add items from this page.


V5 - VacExtender (VacADS/Modified) Parts

Coming Soon!      

V4 - VacExtender (VacADS, Modified) Parts

Vac Sleeves- soft small
(Qty 2)

new ! Vac Sleeve-
soft large (Qty 2)

Combo vacuum ring/compress sleeve for v4
(qty 2)

1 x Vacuum ring for v4
Includes short tubing

Vacuum ring/sleeve combo for v3

Compress Sleeve for v3 & 4

Pinch Tubing Clamps (2)

Hose Connectors (2)

Base cushion pad

Extender Head 8mm

Extender Head 9mm

Foot Cord with Foot Rest

1" Rod (2)

2" Rod (2)

Replacement Extender Base

Anti-Fluid Tape

1ft tubing


AutoXleeve Parts

Replacement Xleeve Sleeves

Stealth Cap

Xleeve Cylinder

Xleeve weight 8oz

Foot Cord with foot rest



VacHanger 3 Parts/Accessories

Vacuum Ring Hard

Vacuum Ring Soft

Vacuum ring

Foot Cord with rest

Pinch Clamp

Tubing connector

1 ft tubing

Constriction Cone

Extra Cylinder - cylinder only, no tubing or clamps

Compress Sleeve