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Complete penis enlargement solutions including All Day Hanging device with free style weight hanging and versatile Penis Stretcher.

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Male Penis Traction Device & Penis Extender Traction

Penis Traction Device

Contact us for more information on our penis extender traction device.

Learn how the Auto EXT and ADH penis traction device works to enlarge your sexual organ.

View instructions on how to use our traction device.

Penis extender traction is one of the oldest methods of enlarging the penis. By putting traction on the penis, you are able to stretch the suspensory ligament, which determines the length of your penis. AutoExtender is pleased to be able to offer our customers two high quality penis traction devices.

The first is the AutoADH, a male penis traction device where light weights are hung from the penis for long periods of time. The second is the AutoEXT, a male penis traction device where rods and a clamp apply forced pressure on the penis. To see penis traction device pictures, click here.

With regard to results, there is no difference in the AutoADH and the AutoEXT. The right penis extender traction device is completely a matter of preference. Each feels slightly different when attached. If you are interested in a penis traction device you can wear all day even out and about without others noticing, we recommend the AutoADH. Since it is practically invisible under clothing it is more discreet. Because the AutoEXT requires long rods, it is bulkier, and we recommend it for home usage only. However, AutoExtender does offer a great deal when customers purchase both packages, so if you are interested in having alternatives, or seeing which works best for you through trial-and-error, we recommend buying both male penis traction devices.

Penis traction has been proven to work. Numerous studies have been performed on the benefits of penis traction when you are trying to enlarge your penis. It is not a quick process results can be seen as early as one month but usually it takes about six months of dedicated and proper usage but results are guaranteed. Penis traction, when done properly with a certified male penis traction device is completely safe and allows you to increase your penis size privately from the comfort of your own home. Order your penis traction device today.

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If you don't want to dedicate your time and effort, you are just wasting your money, period.
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