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Home - Welcome to! We offer two male enhancement products - AutoADH and AutoEXT penis enlargement devices. The AutoADH is an "all day hanger" device with free style hanging ability, while AutoEXT is an penis stretcher using our patented head clamp design.
Auto EXT - The AutoEXT is a patented "forced pressure" penis stretching device that is far superior to other penis stretching devices.
Auto ADH - The main clamp acts as a "penis hanger" that you can add weight to, and is designed to firmly grab the penis while provide maximum comfort during your penis weight hanging session.
Instructions - Do not stretch your penis to the max. This defeats the purpose of extended stretching. All you want to do with the AutoEXT penis stretcher enlarger is to stretch lightly (slightly longer than normal length).
FAQs - It takes time getting used to having penis weight hanging devices or penis stretchers clamped to your penis. Two to 3 weeks it the average time our customers need, but remember to go slowly.
How It Works - Our products are designed for safe penis enlargement by stretching your penis's cell structure and stretching suspensory ligament using light "forced pressure." Just as other parts of your body can be stretched, the penis also can be stretched.
Order Now - Looking for a cheap penis stretcher? Don't want to be taking pills to help enlarge your penis? AutoExtender is pleased to offer our customers affordable products to enlarge penis without pill. Both the AutoADH, a penis weight hanging device, and the AutoEXT, a penis stretching device, are natural penis enlargement products that will enlarge penis without pills.
Contact Us - Complete penis enlargement solutions including All Day Hanging device with free style weight hanging and versatile Penis Stretcher.
Best Penis Enlargement Methods -
If you are serious about penis enlargement, you are going to need to know the best penis enlargement methods and choose the best penis enlargement products. While surgery is an option many take for penis enlargement, it is not necessarily the best method.
Penis Enlargement Device - Good news for men, there are easy ways to enhance penis length and enlarge penis size. These ways do not require surgery, pills, and they can be done discreetly in the privacy of your home. All men have a length of penis shaft that is buried in their pubic area.
Penis Master - There are several penis lengthening stretching traction devices on the market today. The Jes Extender, Penis Master, and more, all promise to increase the size and length of your penis.
Penis Stretcher - Can you really enlarge your penis by stretching it? That's a question many men who are unsatisfied with the size of their penis ask. The answer is great news. Yes, you can enlarge your penis by stretching it. And with a penis stretcher from AutoExtender, you can do it easily and in the privacy of your own home.
Penis Traction - Penis extender traction is one of the oldest methods of enlarging the penis. By putting traction on the penis, you are able to stretch the suspensory ligament, which determines the length of your penis. AutoExtender is pleased to be able to offer our customers two high quality penis traction devices.

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- Complete penis enlargement solutions including All Day Hanging device with free style weight hanging and versatile Penis Stretcher.

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Warning: Our products are designed for informed PE'ers. There is no overnight miracles. It can't be enlarged in short period of time. It takes months, and even years to achieve your objective.
If you don't want to dedicate your time and effort, you are just wasting your money, period.
You have to have a dedication and perseverance. There are lots of free and active PE sites on the internet - Get educated, get informed, compare products and avoid any risks and injuries.


AutoEXT and AutoADH is patented under US and International Treaties. Provisional patent filed in Aug. 2003 Utility patents filed in June 2004 -
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