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Good news for men, there are easy ways to enhance penis length and enlarge penis size. These ways do not require surgery, pills, and they can be done discreetly in the privacy of your home. All men have a length of penis shaft that is buried in their pubic area. To enhance penis size and enlarge penis length, one must stretch out the suspensory ligament that is embedded in the pubic area. Hence, AutoExtender offers a traction device to enhance and enlarge penis without pills or surgery. Repeated traction of the penis will eventually stretch the ligament, reveals more of the shaft, enhancing the penis length and penis size. The concept is simple, and it works!

This is the same idea behind a surgical method - penile augmentation. In the surgical method, the suspensory ligament is cut and shaft is pulled out. The problem with the surgical method is that it can be dangerous with many side effects (infection, curvature, etc). In addition, as the suspensory ligament heals, the penis shaft could actually pull back, resulting in a penis that was smaller than before the surgery. This is why even after surgery, a doctor will prescribe a traction device, such as AutoExtender does. The surgical method may be faster than our natural methods, but at what cost?

A Penis Traction Device should be main part of your regiment to enlarge penis length and enhance penis size. In addition, you should supplement this regiment with stretching and jelqing to further aid your growth. The combine regiment is the only way to achieve your optimal penis length and penis size.

This regiment takes time. Do not believe any ads claiming that their device could achieve 1 to 2 inch growth in just couple of months. Without surgical penile augmentation, which as we discussed is dangerous, this amount of growth in so short a period of time is un-realistic. Before you start your penis enlargement process, set a realistic goal. It takes months, if not years, to naturally, without pills, enlarge penis size and enhance penis length. Depending on your physiology, your growth could be modest for the first 6 months. With sound exercise regiment and products from AutoExtender, the growth will occur, but at much slower rate than some ads will suggest.

Do not buy penis enlargement pills. There is no such thing - period. Some could even be harmful, as most of these drugs include some type of pro-hormone. But that is okay, because there are ways to enlarge penis without pills. AutoExtender offers our customers the AutoADH and the AutoEXT. Both are effective ways to enlarge your penis size. Read about these two products, decide which will help you enhance penis length best, and place your order today.

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