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Penis Stretcher to Enlarge Your Penis

Learn how the Auto EXT and Auto ADH penis stretcher devices work.

Frequently asked questions about our penis stretcher devices.

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Can you really enlarge your penis by stretching it? That’s a question many men who are unsatisfied with the size of their penis ask. The answer is great news. Yes, you can enlarge your penis by stretching it. And with a penis stretcher from AutoExtender, you can do it easily and in the privacy of your own home.

How does a penis stretcher work? It’s simple, especially with the AutoXleeve or the VacExtender from AutoExtender. Both of these penis stretchers offer traction to the penis, stretching out the suspensory ligament that determines the outer length of your penis. All men have part of their penis shaft embedded in their pubic area. Stretching the suspensory ligament with AutoExtender’s penis stretchers traction will lengthen this ligament and eventually pull more of the shaft out of the pubic area, enlarging your penis.

The results of each penis stretcher – the AutoXleeve and the VacExtender – are the same, but each penis stretcher works slightly differently. The AutoXleeve features light weights that you attach to the penis using a specially designed clamp and pressure bands. These weights are worn for long periods of time during the day, every day. The VacExtender features the clamp and rods that apply forced pressure to your penis. After a few months of usage with either of these penis stretchers traction, you will have enlarged your penis. Best of all, these results are permanent.

Ordering a penis stretcher from AutoExtender is easy and confidential. Simply place your order for either the AutoXleeve or the VacExtender – or both – on our secure website. We will keep your personal and shipping information private. As soon as we receive your order for a penis stretcher, we will ship it to you in an unmarked package. In no time, you will be able to enlarge your penis by stretching it.

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