Vac 5 Instruction

Note: wrote this fast as first batch will ship soon

As with any PE devices, this is a guideline and individual adjustment or experiment is needed as every person is different. Even tiny adjustment in sealing sleeve or scarline sleeve can be make a major difference.

Luckly this system is super easy to use compared to Vac 4, which had a very fragile vacuum ring. The sealing sleeve should last much longer than vacuum ring/sealing sleeve combo.

Lets get started and have all of these items available !

1) Attach short tubing if it's not already on the cylinder

There should be a hose connector and a tubing clamp

2) Attach short and long tubing together

3) Apply sealing sleeve onto the outer cylinder. The sealing sleeve can be applied much less than what is shown (there is a lip that will hold the sleeve) about 3/4 to 1" should be good, please experiment.

At this point, leave this to the side and we'll get the penis ready.

4) (Optional) Cut a piece of tape, about 2"

5) (Optional) Apply the tape to tip of the head

* While we do not need the tape anymore for fluid control, it adds to comfort (almost act like a cushion when air is removed from our experience).

* Always safe to have a secondary fluid control, just in case.

6) Apply the Scarline sleeve, making sure skin is fully pulled backed toward the base.

*Once applied, lift various section of the protector to make sure there are no loose skins or creases underneat the sleeve.

* this should be a must for uncut users

* Using this sleeve allows for easier cylinder application (sort of making it rigid, otherwise floppy flaccid).

* for cut users, this can be an optional step but try both. It does make the session much more comfortable.


7a) Now we're ready to apply inner/outer cylinder. There's two way to handle inside cylinder. First put it on the head or,

7b) insert the inner cylinder. This should fit into groove inside the outer cylinder.

We found this to be easier method for inner cylinder.

8) Push the head into the cylinder. Push it as much as possible (one hand holding the cylinders/sleeve and the other pushing the head in)

9) Slowly unroll the sleeve onto the shaft.

* Making sure there are no creases

* To get most efficient stretching, the goal is to have as little of the sleeve on the shaft as possible (both sealing sleeves and scarline sleeve may need to be cut, it is shipped longer than needed.

Having short sleeve mean less skin play. Why stretch the skin when only internal structure should be involved.


10) Here's a look of completed application.

11) At this point, you can use the vacuum tubing to suck the air out. You should see the head get closer to the top.

12) Pinch the tubing clamp and it should be secure and can only be taken off when tubing clamp is opened again.


13) Once air is evacuated, you should see your head expand. This is the key to keeping the inside cyinder staying on the head. The expansion is evenly distributed, unlinke in fluid building condition, such as only the tip. Even is sleeve is stretched and inner cylinder detach a bit from the outer cylinder, the head is still kept intact by inner cylinder, eliminating fluid buildup condition.

Below are some of the stretching application:



Foot Cord with foot rest - Included with all packages. The foot cord can be adjusted via included elastic cord locks.

Foot cord can also be used in othe fixed mounting position, such as under desk mounting points.

Optional - Non-Lead fishing weight. We'll have this available at cost or your can order it yourself on Amazon (only in multiplack unfortunately). Its simple and amazing ADS weight. 1 to 4lb.

We'll have these soon !

VacExtender 5 - this is part of the VacExtender package.

Please note: we'll have a new base and something else we're working on. Anyone who purchased VacExtender package will receive these new upgrades, just ask when its released and pay for shipping.


Good Luck Everyone !!!